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You now have two kids and your house is growing smaller by the day. It's time for a house with a bonus room and by bonus, we mean toy room. How did you get so many toys anyway? Or better yet, you want a huge backyard!

You hate your homes layout...fortunately, you just got promoted so you can afford an upgrade. Congrats!

Your kids are long gone, but your house is huge and your tired of heating it and lets be honest, your tired of cleaning it. It is TIME for a smaller house.

You love your house but its on a postage stamp lot. Your teenager wants a horse and you would never admit it, but you want a couple of goats. It's time for a house with a few acres.

It is TIME people. Don't fret about the winter. Don't fret about if you should or shouldn't list now. Is it the right time? Who is going to buy my home? Where am I going to go? As Elsa says, "Let it goooo!" Don't fret about if the time is right to LIST your house. I am here to tell you, NOW is the time.

Cathy Ward, managing Broker of Old Dominion Realty with 38 years of successful real estate experience backing her agrees with me. When asked if the market slows down in the winter, Cathy responded, "Sure it slows down, but people have to move. Circumstances require it. As such, there are still plenty of buyers in the winter months. Plenty of serious buyers, people ready to make a move. The busiest January in our history was this past January."

At Old Dominion Realty our marketing is consistent and steady. We stay tapped into all of our marketing avenues year round. We have sellers and we have buyers no matter the month and we have to do our best for them. Which means there is no slow month.

ODR realtor, Tim Armentrout, says, "The dynamics of the business have changed over the years. It used to be that we had downtime from Thanksgiving into the spring. Now, we have no downtime. I am showing houses Christmas week, I am closing houses christmas week. People no longer have the luxury of waiting until spring to sell or waiting until spring to move. Jobs, family, and other responsibilities require moves at all times of the year. There is a buyer for every property and a property for every buyer. We are good at getting the two together at ODR, sometimes it's hard, but we do it."

ODR packs one heck of a marketing punch. Jessica Herring, Marketing director of ODR makes sure of it. Jessica is constantly searching, developing, and implementing the newest and best technology for the job. As an agent, I'm always looking for new ways to market your property. As such, having ODR's marketing power behind me provides a huge advantage to your property. Our marketing power facilitates effective local, regional, and national marketing... sometimes even international marketing. Through our affiliation with Leading RE we are gaining buyers from other locales and we can help sellers get relocated anywhere in the world they need to go.

Plus, the best time to sell is in a seller's market. Listing inventory is low; giving your property a distinctive advantage, LESS competition. Realtor Krista Fields agrees, "A great advantage to

selling in the winter is having more people look at your property when there isn't as much competition."

Still on the fence about listing? Don't be. There are buyers out there and as an Old Dominion Realtor, I work hard to sell your home fast, the sales process is smooth, and to gain maximum return for you. Give me a call today. We can talk about selling your property. There are always questions or concerns and I am here to provide answers!


Here's 5 Scary-Good Ideas to Sell Your Home Faster

Good Ideas Sell Your Home
There are few things spookier when selling a house than a home that sits on the market longer than you'd like, but there are plenty of simple tricks for adding a few treats to attract more potential buyers for your home. The way that you present, market, and prepare your property makes a huge difference in generating interest, attracting offers, and ultimately finding a buyer for your home.

Our REALTORS® know what it takes to navigate even the scariest real estate markets, and we've put together five tips for helping you sell your home faster this Halloween season.

  1. A Clean and Clutter-Free Home
    When a buyer visits your home to take a peek, you want them to be able to envision what their life would be like if they lived there. So the first step toward selling a house fast is making sure that your home is clean down to the tiniest details and free of clutter so that buyers can let their imagination roam. A buyer interested in homes for sale in Staunton, for example, will check closets and storage spaces, so you want those areas to be free of clutter, too. Renting a storage unit is a great way to clear space, and keep your items safe until you move into your new home.

  2. Sensational staging
    A clean, decluttered house is a great place to start, but you can do even more to help buyers imagine their lives in your home. The way that you stage your house for showings ultimately has a big impact on buyer perception, so it's well worth reading up on staging tips and developing a simple, tasteful layout that checks all the right boxes for buyers. An experienced real estate agent should have staging ideas to help your home shine during open houses.

  3. Inner Light
    One of the simplest staging tips for selling a home fast is to make sure that there's plenty of light inside, so that buyers can see all of the hard work you put in to make your home look its best. Indoor lighting is attractive as long as it's not overdone, and your home will really shine if you open the curtains to let the sunlight flow.

  4. A Fantastic First Impression
    One of the things you'll notice about the most popular Harrisonburg homes for sale is that they all look great from the curb, and that's no accident. Making sure that your yard is clean, your lawn is cut, and you're landscaping is looking its best will go a long way toward helping your home sell. If it's been a long time since your home's entrance has gotten a fresh coat of paint, now is a great time to consider that as well.

  5. The Right Price
    You've got your home clean, decluttered, and expertly staged, so now it's time for the final piece of the puzzle. And finding the right price is absolutely critical if you want to sell your home fast. An experienced real estate agent can help you set the right price based on comparable homes in your area and market trends, so you can attract more buyers while still getting a great return on your investment.

Finding the right real estate agent is one of the best ways to make selling a house less scary, and our team is here to help with all of your real estate needs. Contact Old Dominion Realty to find out more about selling your home with us.

Contact Old Dominion Realty



5 Traits of a Buyer-Friendly Neighborhood

5 Traits of a Buyer-Friendly Neighborhood
It's hard to size up a home at first glance, and even harder to judge an entire neighborhood, but both are important. If you're searching for a home, it's important to remember that your new home isn't just a house; it's a street, a neighborhood, and an entire city. So how do you know that your new neighborhood is the right one?

That's a question that our REALTORS® get asked a lot with many different answers. When you're planning on buying a house, these are the things to look for in the surrounding neighborhood:

  1. Lifestyle Match
    The best indicator that a neighborhood is right for you is that it's in sync with your lifestyle. This means something different to each person, but it's worth taking the time to size up a neighborhood and ask yourself if it suits your lifestyle. If you're an active person, your neighborhood should have plenty of trails and outdoor spaces. If you like to go out at night, it's nice to live somewhere with hopping nightlife. If you're kids are about to start school, it's essential that you evaluate local schools.

  2. Crime Rates
    The lower the crime rate in your neighborhood, the better. Crime rates are a good way to ascertain if a neighborhood is improving, getting worse, or staying the same. A number of online tools are available to find out more about a neighborhood's crime rate, but it's also a good idea to talk with the locals about it before buying a house.

  3. Pride in Ownership
    One way to evaluate an area is to find out if the people who live there take pride in their neighborhood. This is actually very easy to do—just look at the other houses. Are they neat, well-kept and maintained, or are they messy and falling into disrepair? If the homes are well taken care of, that's usually a sign that the people who live there care about their neighborhood.

  4. A Sense of History
    There's nothing wrong with moving into a new home in an up-and-coming neighborhood. But there's something undeniably appealing about a historic area, and it's not just the nostalgia factor. If you see well-kept historic homes on streets lined with old, mature trees, that shows that the neighborhood has been stable for a long time, and will probably continue to be in the future.

  5. Getting Around
    Consider the amenities in the neighborhood—stores, restaurants, schools, banks, hospitals—and think about how easy they are to get to. No one likes a long commute every day, and it's always better to have amenities close by. Ideally, a neighborhood should be easily walkable, have access to reliable public transportation, or both.

Before buying a house, contact Old Dominion Realty to learn more about homes for sale in Central Virginia's Shenandoah Valley and Eastern West Virginia. Our team will help you find a house and a neighborhood that you'll be happy to call home. 

 Contact Old Dominion Realty


5 Reasons to Go to an Open House--Even If You're Not Ready to Buy

5 Reasons to Attend an Open House
Anyone who has shopped for a home knows what it's like to spend countless hours dreaming about your ideal home, scouring every online listing in your area, and attending open houses to get an up-close look at your favorite properties.

These can all be fun activities when you're working to buy a house, and they also present valuable learning opportunities that will help you find the right deal for your needs. But is it still worth it to attend an open house, even if you're not ready to purchase? Our REALTORS® are here to explain why with five reasons to attend an open house even if you're not planning to buy.

  1. Learn More about Your Likes, Needs, and Wants
    Looking at homes online is fun, but it's hard to make decisions on what you want just by looking at photos or video of the home. Attending an open house allows you to see the features of a home up close and personal, so you can get a better idea of what you'll want when the time is right for you to buy a house. Be sure to take notes as you go, so that you'll have something to look back on when you're ready to shop for a home. 

  2. Get to Know Listing Agents
    Even if you're not ready to buy, getting to know local listing agents will serve you well when you do decide to enter the market. An open house is an excellent chance to see listing agents in action, ask questions, and see if the agent is someone you'd like to work with in the future. Finding the right real estate agent makes it so much easier to find the right home, and attending open houses will put you in touch with a diverse group of real estate agents in your area.

  3. Discover Design Ideas for Your Current Home
    Perhaps you own a home that you love, and don't see yourself leaving anytime soon. You can still benefit by attending an open house! Visiting different homes in your area is a fun, easy way to pick up interior design ideas, gauge the latest decorating trends, and learn more about landscaping. Attending open houses is also an excellent way to find staging ideas, in case you ever do decide to sell.

  4. Market Research
    Whether you're buying, selling, or browsing, attending open houses can tell you quite a bit about the real estate market in your area. If you find yourself visiting crowded open houses in the same neighborhoods, then there's a good chance homes are pretty hot in that area. Open houses also provide opportunities to trade intel with other shoppers, and discuss the market with listing agents.

  5. Dreaming of the Future
    There are plenty of practical reasons for visiting open houses when you don't plan to buy, but there's also nothing wrong with visiting an open house just to dream on your own future home. Dream of your favorite features, your ideal neighborhood, or the perfect home for your family. While you're there, you can still learn plenty of valuable tidbits for when you're ready to buy a house.

Are you ready to shop for your dream home, find the best open houses, or stage an open house of your own? Contact Old Dominion Realty to learn more about how our experienced, local team can help with all of your real estate needs.

Contact Old Dominion Realty


Celebrate Wine Month in Virginia at Bluestone Vineyard in Bridgewater, VA

Experience the Shenandoah Valley's Best at Bluestone Vineyard

Bridgewater VA Bluestone Vineyard

Surrounded by the rolling landscape of the Shenandoah Mountains, the cozy town of Bridgewater, VA sits amid some of America's most magnificent scenery. Bridgewater homes also offer access to amenities typically found in a much larger city, from shopping and dining options to schools and colleges.

Increasingly, the Bridgewater area is also gaining a reputation as one America's great up-and-coming wine regions. The climate and landscape of the Blue Ridge Mountains makes it perfect for growing grapes. So if you're looking for a place to sample some of the local flavors, look no farther than Bridgewater's own Bluestone Vineyard.

Bluestone Vineyard Local Wines

Local wines at Bluestone Vineyard

Named for the unique blue limestone that makes up a crucial component of the Shenandoah Valley soil, Bluestone Vineyard is a family-owned vineyard and winery that focuses on making small-batch wines from locally-sourced fruit. That makes it a perfect place to showcase our region's excellent wines.

Since its founding in 2008, the vineyard has grown quickly to produce a wide range of unique wines. Bluestone Vineyard has also seen some nationwide recognition recently—it was selected as an official winery for the 2016 Vice Presidential debate—and has been noted as one of the best wineries in the region.

Bluestone Vineyard

Visiting the Vineyard

At the vineyard, you'll find a tasting room where you can sample a wide variety of Bluestone wines, with a selection that changes with the seasons. Red, white, sweet and reserve tastings are available. Growlers are also available at the tasting room, allowing you to take home any wines that may be currently on tap.

The tasting room includes an outdoor seating area with sweeping views of the Shenandoah Valley and the surrounding Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains. Outdoor heaters and a fire pit make it a perfect place to relax and sip wine as the sun sets, even on the chilliest autumn night.

Virginia Wine Month Bridgewater

Celebrate Virginia Wine Month

October is Virginia Wine Month, which makes this a perfect time to stop by and sample some of the wines offered by Bluestone Vineyards. If you have the time, be sure to check out some of the other local wineries in the Bridgewater area, and throughout the Shenandoah Valley. The Shenandoah Wine Trail offers a path to some of Virginia's best local flavors!

Bluestone Vineyard is located on Spring Creek Road, just west of Bridgewater and less than 10 minutes from I-81.

Contact Old Dominion Realty to Find a Home in Bridgewater

Bridgewater, VA is a charming small town with access to all the resources of the Shenandoah. Contact Old Dominion Realty today to learn more buying or selling a home in Bridgewater. Our team of experienced REALTORS® offers the expertise and inside knowledge of the local real estate market to make your dreams a reality.

Contact Old Dominion Realty

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