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5 Steps to Buy a Home in a Different State

Buy Home Different State

Moving to a new state is a great way to begin a new chapter of your life while experiencing the diversity our country has to offer. Our REALTORS® understand that many homeowners dream of one day moving to another state but aren't sure what steps to take first. With years of experience helping homeowners relocate across state lines, we've put together this helpful guide with steps to buy a home in a different state without hassle.

  1. Organize & Prepare
    At very least you're buying a home which is a milestone purchase. At very most, you're conducting two substantial real estate transactions — buying a new home and selling your current home. The first step is to get organized and prepare to invest your time and energy into successfully closing on both transactions.

  2. Enlist Help from a Relocation Specialist
    Thankfully, you don't have to juggle this process alone. A knowledgeable and experienced REALTOR® that specializes in nationwide relocation is your best resource. They will be your advocate in your new town while you're away and ensure your current home's sale is finalized without a hitch.

  3. Decide Whether to Sell or Buy First
    Some believe you should finalize the sale of your current home before you begin the process of purchasing a new home. This is a wise decision because it allows you to free yourself from your physical and financial commitments to the previous home while helping you fund the new home. However, every situation is different, and it may be in your best interest to buy before you sell. Speak with your REALTOR® to identify the benefits and disadvantages of beginning the process in either way.

  4. Be Present for the Inspection
    While the number of times you travel to your new city prior to moving may be limited, there are a few situations when you must be there in person. By committing to the inspection date, you're able to understand and visually see any issues that might be present. You can also ask the inspector about anything you may be unsure of and learn information or tips that wouldn't be on the inspection report.

  5. Close Electronically if Possible
    Closing on the home is an act worth celebrating; however, it's not an element of the sale you need to be involved in in-person. Electronic closing is common now and a title company can easily help facilitate these signatures remotely.

Old Dominion Realty is a proud member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World (LeadingRE). No matter if your dream home is across the street or the globe, the LeadingRE team of over 560 firms encompassing 4,300 offices is ready to help you relocate to anywhere on the planet. These sales associates within the LeadingRE group deliver unparalleled performance and exceptional client experiences in every transaction they conduct.

Are you ready to find your dream home in another state? Our REALTORS® are ready to help. Contact us at Old Dominion Realty today to get started on your search.


Why Homeownership Matters

Homeownership matters - Family and community

Homeownership Matters to Families and Communities

No matter the generation, time and again it's proven that homeownership remains a key ingredient in the American Dream. Owning a home provides financial stability, makes it easier to build personal wealth, helps in establishing social stability, and gives you the freedom to plot your own course in life. The community also benefits from homeownership by gaining active, engaged residents who have a stake in the future of each neighborhood. Our REALTORS® know the benefits of homeownership for people, and why it's so important for communities to have a strong base of homeowners.

  • The Perks of Owning Over Renting
    The initial investment required to own a home can be scary for first-time buyers, but there are many long-term financial benefits to owning over renting. Both rent rates and the value of homes tend to rise over time. When rent goes up, only the landlord benefits. When the value of a home that you own goes up, you're the one to benefit. With the variety of assistance programs available for people who want to own a home, the upfront investment isn't nearly as daunting as it seems. Over time, as you make your mortgage payments, your equity in the home and personal wealth build. Add it all up, and homeownership just makes more financial sense than renting.

  • A Place to Call Your Own
    Of course, owning a home is about far more than financial benefits. When you buy a home, you can customize it to suit your needs and make it your own in ways that you never could with a rented dwelling. Your home is your own personal space in the world, where you can be comfortable and enjoy time with the people you care about most. It's a place where you can host family, friends, and neighbors while creating memories that last a lifetime.

  • How Homeownership Builds Strong Communities
    Buying a home also provides a chance to lay down roots, and truly become a part of the community. When people own homes, they're more likely to care about the future of the neighborhood and do what they can to add to the community. Homeowners become active in community organizations and provide many benefits to the local economy. When more people have a stake in the future of the community thanks to homeownership, the whole community ultimately benefits.

  • Social Stability Benefits Families
    Your home is both a gathering place for your extended family and a place to lay down roots for immediate family members living under your roof. Kids benefit by being able to attend the same school throughout their education, build relationships with community members, make friends, and participate in community events. Everyone in the home benefits from having a place in the neighborhood to call their own, and being able to build a life in the community.

  • Building Your Own Dream
    While there are many similarities, everyone has their own reasons for pursuing the dream of homeownership. Whether you want a place that you can customize to your heart's content or an opportunity to build a life in the community of your choice, homeownership simply offers benefits that renting can't match. Owning a home gives you the freedom to pursue the life you want, and that's the real dream!

Whether you're a first-time buyer or a homeowner looking for a new place to call your own, our team is here to help you achieve your homeownership dreams. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the Central Shenandoah Valley and Eastern West Virginia.


Hunting and Fishing in the Mountain State

If you needed another reason to be excited about the arrival of fall in wild, wonderful West Virginia, then you're in luck. September 28 is National Hunting and Fishing Day. Our REALTORS® are excited to share some of their favorite hunting and fishing spots in our corner of the Mountain State!

When you're checking out these hunting and fishing areas, be sure to get the necessary licenses. Visit West Virginia DNR to brush up on hunting and fishing regulations and seasons before you go!

  1. Spring Run
    The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources purchased roughly one mile of Spring Run in 2017, designating this stretch for fly fishing only. In doing so, they created an incredible resource for Grant County anglers. Spring Run supports a thriving population of wild rainbow trout, along with a small native brook trout population. Its spring-fed waters stay at a cool 60 degrees even in the heat of summer. You can find public access roughly a mile and a half downstream from the Spring Run trout hatchery, and just minutes from these Grant County homes for sale
  2. Thorn Run Wildlife Management Area
    Just south of Franklin, West Virginia, Thorn Run Wildlife Management Area has a lot to offer hunters and anglers alike. Spanning 528 acres of rugged hills and valleys, Thorn Run WMA consists of mostly hardwood forest, along with some pine and hemlock. It provides hunting prospects for deer, squirrel, and turkey. Thorn Run, the stream that gives the WMA its name, is also an excellent fly fishing stream. And with a variety of Franklin homes for sale in the surrounding area, it's a great spot to spend a day hunting or fishing. 
  3. George Washington National Forest
    You'll find opportunities for adventures of all kinds in George Washington National Forest. This vast outdoor playground, along with neighboring Jefferson National Forest, spans more than 1.7 million acres across three states. A good-sized chunk of that land lies in West Virginia's Hardy and Pendleton counties. This land is among our state's most significant local resources for hunting everything from squirrels and turkey to deer and bear. The Hawk Recreation Area is one of the most popular hunting destinations in George Washington National Forest, located just outside Wardensville and a short drive from many Hardy County homes for sale
  4. South Branch of the Potomac River
    Renowned for its outstanding smallmouth bass fishing, the South Branch of the Potomac River cuts a winding path through West Virginia and harbors an almost staggering abundance of fish. And with dozens of places to fish from shore or launch a canoe or kayak, it's also the most accessible river in the state. Welton Park, just outside Petersburg and near these beautiful Petersburg homes for sale, is a great place to start. 
  5. Warden Lake
    Nestled among the woods of Hardy County, Warden Lake is a highly underrated fishery. The West Virginia DNR stocks trout in Warden Lake every year from February through May. The 44-acre lake also supports wild populations of largemouth bass, channel catfish, northern pike, and bluegill. Ample shore access is available, and launch facilities are provided for boats with electric motors and non-powered craft only.  

Contact us today to learn more about living in West Virginia. Our team of experienced REALTORS® is here to help you start your hunt for your dream home in West Virginia.


Building Community One Home at a Time

Old Dominion Realty Takes a Look at What Home Means to You

What does home mean to you? Is it the place where you grew up, or the place where you lay your head today? Is it a specific location, or a combination of people, places, memories, and your five senses? Home means something a little different to all of us, yet it's also something that we can recognize the moment we see it. Strong communities are built one home at a time and are defined by the memories built inside the walls of each home. Our REALTORS® know what it means to find a true home, so let's take a closer look at what home might mean to you.

  • Home Is a Place and a Feeling
    While every home is a place, it's not just any place. Your home means more to you because it's your own. It's a place where you can be safe, comfortable, and surrounded by the people you care about, yet it's so much more than simply a dwelling. Home is also a feeling, which is part of the reason that people talk about "making a house into a home" after they move, and why everyone has their own way of accomplishing that goal.

    It's more than just walls, floors, and ceilings. It's about what happens inside the home, how you spend your time, and who you spend it with. It might mean baking cookies with the kids, inviting the whole neighborhood for a holiday party, or simply lounging around with your special someone. Ultimately, home is what you make it, and everyone has their own definition of what home means to them.

Family Home Kitchen

  • The Sights, Sounds, and Smells of Home
    For many of us, familiarity is a big part of feeling at home. That's why the home where you grew up will always still feel like home when you visit, even if it's been many years since you lived there full-time. You know the familiar decorations, the sound of every creaky floorboard, and the aroma of your favorite childhood meals drifting through the air. The same is true of the place that you currently call home and the memories that you build there.

Family Home Love

  • How Good Company Makes a House Feel Like Home
    Home is different for everyone, even if there are many common threads. If you move frequently for work or other reasons, then the feeling of home may be tied less to a place than it is to the people around you. The memories that we make with friends, spouses, kids, and neighbors can make any location feel like home. Over time, the moments you create and the people you spend them with have so much influence on how you define home.

  • The Psychology of Finding a True Home
    The desire to feel at home is not just a fleeting thing – it's something that's hard-wired into our psychology. While home means something different to everyone, there's no doubt that everyone wants to feel at home. Finding a home is so much bigger than simply having a shelter or a physical address. Home is safe, comfortable, and welcoming. It's a place we know we can count on to relax us after a rough day, and inspire us after a great one. Each home is a center of the community, where people gather, carry on old traditions, and create new ones.

No matter how you define home, our experienced, local real estate team is here to help you find the dwelling of your dreams. Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the Central Shenandoah Valley and Eastern West Virginia.

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