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Should You Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Air Conditioner Home Maintenance
Home Maintenance Help: Repair or Replace Your HVAC System

Waking up on a hot summer night to a broken air conditioner is a nightmare. Unfortunately, HVAC malfunctions are common, and it's only a matter of time until your A/C unit is on the fritz.

Although this may be an unavoidable issue, knowing whether you need to replace or repair your unit will help save you thousands of dollars. Our real estate agents believe that you should know which problems with your air conditioning unit may require a quick repair or a full replacement.

  • Old Age = Replace
    No appliance lives forever, including your powerful HVAC system. While you should be able to get 10-15 years out of you're A/C unit, systems that show malfunctions around the decade-mark generally will need replacing. Repairing an old machine may not be money well spent if the entire system kicks the bucket shortly after.

  • Warm Air = Repair
    An air conditioner that's blowing hot air is a problem, but thankfully, it's usually not a serious issue. In most cases, the warm air can be caused by a faulty compressor, low refrigerant, or a duct problem. These repairs are usually affordable and last for years to come.

  • Multiple Repairs = Replace
    Most units will need a handful of repairs over the years, even if you do have them serviced every year. While many small repairs are common, you should keep track of their frequency. If you've had to repair an element of your air-cooling unit once every year or two, you'll notice that these expenses quickly add up. It may be better to invest that repair budget into a new replacement system that won't give you trouble for a few years.

  • Minimal Air Flow = Repair
    Similar to warm airflow, a lack of airflow in certain sections of your home is another inconvenient problem. Thankfully, this is an issue that typically points to a problem with the compressor or the ductwork. HVAC technicians will usually identify the cause of interrupted airflow swiftly and perform a quick repair that will keep the cool air flowing for years.

  • Increase Utility Costs = Replace
    As your system ages, it loses efficiency, and thus, increases your utility bills. While it's not uncommon to see a small rise in your electric bill, you should be concerned about consistently increasing spikes in your monthly expense report. If your bill is inflated continuously year after year, a replacement A/C unit could save you hundreds instantaneously.

  • Strange Noises/Smells = Repair
    Odd noises or odors coming from the unit, both outside and inside, should be assessed immediately. Smells and sounds can be caused by multiple issues, including electrical problems or fungal growth that present health hazards to your family. Thankfully, if these issues are caught early, they can be resolved with an affordable repair.

Whether you've just moved into one of our Virginia homes for sale or have owned your current home for years, it's wise to get your HVAC system inspected and maintained to prevent breakdowns and extend its lifecycle. Routine checkups will make it easier to identify and understand if the problem should be repaired or if the repair cost would be better spent on a new system.

For assistance buying West Virginia homes for sale, contact us today!


Steal These DIY Ideas for Your Front Porch

DIY Ideas for Your Front Porch

Our real estate agents love showing homes with great curb appeal. When a potential buyer falls in love with a house at first sight, not only does it make our jobs easier, but it also improves the chances that the seller will get a great offer. 

In addition to taking care of your lawn and landscaping, one of the best ways to improve your curb appeal is to give your front porch some TLC. Need some inspiration? Here are a few of the best DIY ideas we've seen popping up on some of the best Virginia homes for sale.

  • Paint Your Front Porch 
    One way to make a great first impression is to add a splash of color to your front door. Choosing a shade of blue will give your home a decidedly coastal look while you can make a big, bold statement by opting for a bright red. Just make sure you take your time and do a great job. Otherwise, you could end up doing more harm than good.

  • Add a Porch Swing
    Few things make a porch look as comfortable and inviting as a front porch swing. In fact, this feature is extremely popular among buyers looking at West Virginia homes for sale. Paint the swing a bright, cheery color and add plenty of cushions. Finish off the look by tossing a soft throw blanket over the back and adding an ottoman or small table. 

  • Paint Stained Concrete
    Stained concrete can make your porch look old and dingy, which is definitely not a look you want when you're trying to make a good impression. However, there's no need to worry! Simply add a couple of coats of paint to create create a clean, finished look.

  • Update Your Outdoor Lights
    Adding some decorative lighting to your porch will upgrade the look both during the day and after the sun goes down. Not only will this beautify your space, but it will make it safer too!

    Don't be afraid to experiment. Depending on the style of your decor, you might want to add some wall-mounted, pendant, or string lights -- or combine a few different types of lights.

  • Hang Some Curtains
    Curtains might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about outdoor space, but adding some light and airy cloth curtains can give you extra privacy while also cutting down on the amount of glare that comes in.

    For a more subtle look, choose a simple cream color so the curtains blend into the background. Want to make a bold statement? Choose curtains with bright colors or patterns and coordinate the rest of your porch decor to match them.

  • Add An Attractive Rug
    Adding an area rug to your front porch will give it a cozy look and allow you to pull together the color palette of the rest of your decor. Coordinating bright-colored textiles will make your porch look warm and cheery. Add a floor lamp, and outdoor couch and some side tables to create the impression of indoor living.  

Don't Try to DIY Your Home Purchase or Sale! 

While it's easy to DIY projects around the house, when it comes to buying or selling a home, you'll want to turn to the pros! We're here to help guide you through every step of the process. Contact us today to get started. 


Harrisonburg Home Stores: Give Your Living Space a Boost

Harrisonburg Home Stores

Embrace your home this season with dazzling décor and dynamic designs. Sprucing up your home by painting the walls and adding in complementary colored decorations works wonders in any space. Whether you're getting ready to list or if a few of your rooms need a makeover, our real estate agents encourage you to let your creativity flow with the fabulous finds at these Harrisonburg home stores.

  • Grand Home Furnishings — 2080 Evelyn Byrd Ave., Harrisonburg, VA 22801 
    A staple of Harrisonburg since the 1960s, Grand Home Furnishings should be your first stop during National Decorating Month.  They're ready to help you find you're happy by discovering the Grand Difference — a total satisfaction guarantee, the lowest price guarantee, and a 125 percent mattress guarantee. Their professional design consultants will help you every step of the way until you find décor or furniture that your home needs.

  • Ferguson — 44 Reedy Cir., Harrisonburg, VA 22801
    The professionals at Ferguson invite you to experience The Ferguson Difference. For years, they've implemented a variety of high-quality designs into residential, industrial, and commercial spaces. Their Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery is stocked with world-class products for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, laundry room, garage, and outdoor entertaining spaces. Use their Home Ideas section to get your creative juices flowing or speak with one of their knowledgeable associates to turn your vision into a reality.

  • Dayton Interiors — 160 Carpenter Ln., Harrisonburg, VA 22801
    Dayton Interiors
    understands that a one-style-fits-all approach is not ideal for homeowners in the Shenandoah Valley. Instead, they bring a mix of traditional, contemporary, and transitional home furnishings to their showroom to fit anyone's design preference. Best of all, they offer free local delivery to conveniently get your favorite piece from their store to your home.

  • Schewels Home — 2091 Evelyn Byrd Ave., Harrisonburg, VA 22801
    As one of the oldest furniture retailers in the nation, Schewels Home has a level of experience that few others possess. Since 1897, they've provided generations of families with quality furniture that stands the test of time. Although their inventory has changed from decade to decade, their commitment to their customers is stronger than ever. Take their Design Style quiz to identify pieces that match your lifestyle needs. Along with furniture and décor, Schewels Home can also fill your home with the latest appliances and electronics, allowing you to tie the aesthetic of a room together in every piece possible.  

  • Roses Flooring & Furniture — 450 N. Mason St., Harrisonburg, VA 22802
    If you're interested in redecorating your home from top to bottom, let Roses Flooring and Furniture outfit you from floor to ceiling. Roses Flooring & Furniture sets the standard for quality products at competitive pricing. Perfect for the homeowner looking to maximize their budget, Roses sells new furniture that's been discontinued by manufacturers, which enables you to take home stunning pieces for a fraction of the showroom price. From large pieces like sofas, armoires, and buffets to office furniture, kid's furniture, accents, and outdoor sets, Roses will fill your home with style without emptying your wallet.

Ready to fill one of our Harrisonburg homes for sale with your new décor? Contact us today to start your search!

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