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Steal These DIY Ideas for Your Front Porch

DIY Ideas for Your Front Porch

Our real estate agents love showing homes with great curb appeal. When a potential buyer falls in love with a house at first sight, not only does it make our jobs easier, but it also improves the chances that the seller will get a great offer. 

In addition to taking care of your lawn and landscaping, one of the best ways to improve your curb appeal is to give your front porch some TLC. Need some inspiration? Here are a few of the best DIY ideas we've seen popping up on some of the best Virginia homes for sale.

  • Paint Your Front Porch 
    One way to make a great first impression is to add a splash of color to your front door. Choosing a shade of blue will give your home a decidedly coastal look while you can make a big, bold statement by opting for a bright red. Just make sure you take your time and do a great job. Otherwise, you could end up doing more harm than good.

  • Add a Porch Swing
    Few things make a porch look as comfortable and inviting as a front porch swing. In fact, this feature is extremely popular among buyers looking at West Virginia homes for sale. Paint the swing a bright, cheery color and add plenty of cushions. Finish off the look by tossing a soft throw blanket over the back and adding an ottoman or small table. 

  • Paint Stained Concrete
    Stained concrete can make your porch look old and dingy, which is definitely not a look you want when you're trying to make a good impression. However, there's no need to worry! Simply add a couple of coats of paint to create create a clean, finished look.

  • Update Your Outdoor Lights
    Adding some decorative lighting to your porch will upgrade the look both during the day and after the sun goes down. Not only will this beautify your space, but it will make it safer too!

    Don't be afraid to experiment. Depending on the style of your decor, you might want to add some wall-mounted, pendant, or string lights -- or combine a few different types of lights.

  • Hang Some Curtains
    Curtains might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about outdoor space, but adding some light and airy cloth curtains can give you extra privacy while also cutting down on the amount of glare that comes in.

    For a more subtle look, choose a simple cream color so the curtains blend into the background. Want to make a bold statement? Choose curtains with bright colors or patterns and coordinate the rest of your porch decor to match them.

  • Add An Attractive Rug
    Adding an area rug to your front porch will give it a cozy look and allow you to pull together the color palette of the rest of your decor. Coordinating bright-colored textiles will make your porch look warm and cheery. Add a floor lamp, and outdoor couch and some side tables to create the impression of indoor living.  

Don't Try to DIY Your Home Purchase or Sale! 

While it's easy to DIY projects around the house, when it comes to buying or selling a home, you'll want to turn to the pros! We're here to help guide you through every step of the process. Contact us today to get started. 


Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal During National Garden Month


April is National Garden Month and our real estate agents plan on getting our green thumbs covered in soil. This month is an excellent opportunity for homeowners to prioritize their spring curb appeal. A little time, effort, and few seedlings from your budget can completely transform your exterior. Consider these spring projects that will instantly boost your curb appeal.

  • Simple Lawncare
    Don't underestimate the power of a lawnmower, edger, and rake. Spend a few hours in the yard with these items and you'll be wowed by the difference. Cut the grass, edge around all property lines, and rake up debris from trees or mulch beds — consistent lawncare will keep the yard looking presentable. If you have a flower garden, be sure to regularly pull weeds, water the flowers, and keep each plant as healthy as possible.   

  • A Thorough Cleaning
    Similar to basic lawn care, take this opportunity to make the exterior of your home look just as presentable as the lawn with a quick cleaning cycle. Use a pressure washer or a hose and scrub brush to clean the exterior of all dirt, grime, and stains. This will restore the vibrancy of your home's color and wash away all unsightly debris.

  • Colorful Containers
    If you're interested in filling your exterior with fresh flowers but would like a more manageable solution than a garden, consider potted plants. Available in colorful containers, there are flower pots of all sizes and shapes that can create a garden in virtually any space. Use colored containers that either match or complement the color scheme of your exterior to tie everything together.

  • Landscape Lighting
    Show off your garden, landscaping, and pathways with landscape lighting. These light sources are available as solar-powered devices that can shine all night without worry. Add them along walkways to increase safety. Install them to spotlight the best landscaping and architectural elements of your home so your curb appeal can stay showcased day and night.

  • Outdoor Seating Area
    After you've pruned your garden and manicured your lawn, sit back and appreciate your beautiful curb appeal in an outdoor seating area. Ideal for relaxing alone or entertaining guests, a few rocking chairs, a glider, a bench, or even a swing offers a comfortable place to sit that makes your home look inviting.

  • Front Door Facelift
    Homeowners who have a modest lawn and limited porch space can still dramatically increase their curb appeal by focusing on their front entryway. Repaint your front door, swap out your doorknob for a newer fixture, purchase new address numbers, and consider adding décor like a flag, potted plants, or doormat to warmly welcome your guests.

  • Plant for the Future
    Plan for the future by planting for the future. Plant a few trees around your property and let them gradually increase your curb appeal over the years. You can also plant year-round perennials that require limited upkeep and will endure seasonal changes.

Are you ready to leap into a new home this spring? Contact us today to find out more about homes for sale in Virginia and West Virginia.


How to Add Home Value with These Backyard Investments

Add Home Value with Curb Appeal
Whether you're preparing to sell your home or interested in adding value to it, look no further than your own backyard.  Getting started doesn't necessarily require a major investment because many backyard projects will fall comfortably in the DIY category for homeowners. Even if you have to hire a contractor, updating your backyard with the right additions will typically generate a solid return on your investment – both financially and in terms of curb appeal.

Our team of REALTORS® at Old Dominion Realty knows what catches the eye of home buyers, so we've gathered a collection of backyard curb appeal ideas that are sure to add value to your home.

Outdoor Updates Add Major Curb Appeal and Value to Your Home

Before we dive into the updates, it's time for a little tidying up. Literally. If your backyard has doubled as a storage space or your garden has seen better days, cleaning up is the perfect way to get started. It won't take much time, you can do it yourself, and it's always best to work from a nice, clean slate when updating your home's outdoor aesthetics. With that out of the way, you'll be ready to move ahead full-speed.

  • Outdoor Lighting – Just as it does inside, lighting makes a big difference in the visual appeal of your home's outdoor spaces. Adding outdoor lighting is also quite affordable, and the many solar-powered lighting options available make installation a breeze. Get started by scouting your lighting options online for inspiration, or visiting your favorite home improvement store.
  • Rustic Walkways – Another relatively simple update, adding walkways is an excellent way to boost your yard's visual appeal while also saving wear on your lawn. Slate walkways are still popular and have a classic look, while pavers are easy to install, with plenty of variety in shape, color, and size.
  • Outdoor Cooking – There's nothing like a backyard barbecue, and adding a dedicated cooking space provides a perfect excuse to fire up the grill regularly. You can opt for something simple like a grill enclosure on your patio, or even add a full outdoor kitchen if you're aiming to appeal to the luxury market.
  • Landscaping – There is a ton you can do to upgrade outdoor landscaping, so this is one place you can get creative with curb appeal ideas. Trees take time to mature, but add serious value if you plan to wait a bit before selling your home. For a more immediate upgrade, shrubs, flowers, and a healthy lawn are perfect. Sticking to plants that are native to your area will simplify maintenance, for you and your home's lucky buyer.
  • Just Add Water – If you're looking to create a peaceful, tranquil backyard atmosphere, a water feature will look great next to your updated landscaping. Adding a small pond or fountain won't take a major investment, either. Just remember to add a few nice chairs nearby for relaxation.
  • Decked Out – An outdoor deck or patio is the perfect place to spend a warm summer evening with friends and family. It's also an effective way to increase the value of your home. Most homeowners will want to call a contractor for this one, but there are few better ways to dramatically update the look of your yard.

Contact Old Dominion Realty

Upgrading your yard is a great start, and your REALTOR® will help you find shoppers who are ready to fall in love with your home's new look. Contact our team at Old Dominion Realty for more ideas and advice on selling your home.

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